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Terms And Conditions


A - Static Scaffolding  

  1. Scaffolding will be erected to Worksafe nz’s Good Practice Guidelines for Working at Height.

  2. All care will be taken to protect gardens, paths, decks etc. However, the customer is to remove items pointed out by Small Job Scaffold Hire that may hinder or become damaged during the erection of the scaffold.

  3. If an item cannot be removed to erect the scaffold, an extra cost may incur, if an unreasonable time consuming alternative has to be made.

  4. While erected, the scaffold cannot be moved or dismantled by anyone other than Small Job Scaffold Hire.

  5. Apart for a life or death situation, if for any reason the customer requests that they need all or sections of the scaffold to be dismantled and re-erected to its original placement, this will incur an extra cost.

  6. Charging for the erecting and dismantling of scaffold is based on a single 2.6m length bay, to a minimum deck height of 2.0m. Deck heights above 2m to a maximum height of 4m, will incur an extra cost.

  7. Erecting a scaffold on a steep gradient and or where out riggers may be required may incur an extra cost.


B - Advertising

  1. The client must agree to Small Job Scaffold Hire erecting an advertising core flute sign 900mm x 700mm, for the duration of the job and in site of public traffic.


C - Terms of Payment

  1. Strictly net and payable 7 days from the date of the invoice.

  2. Small Job Scaffold Hire, at its discretion, reserves the right to implement interest charges on accounts outstanding beyond the credit terms.

  3. A surcharge of 5% of the value of the invoice may be implemented if the payment due remains outstanding for a period of greater than 7 days after the date of the invoice.

  4. After 21 days the rate of interest charged shall be 20%.

  5. If a debt recovery agency is required, the customer will incur the agencies recovery costs, in addition to the outstanding invoice and interest incurred.

  6. By signing this quote and/or, letting Small Job Scaffold Hire proceed without signing, you have agreed to the terms & conditions, therefore entering into a legal binding contract.

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